Publications For Purchase

Darrington Historical Publications For Sale:
Indian Stories and Legends - 6th printing was written by renowned Darrington historian, Nels Bruseth.  Nels worked for the forest service for 35 years retiring in 1951, the legacy he left to the Darrington area is still very much felt after these many years.  This 35 page book  is part of his legacy filled with his memoirs of befriended native American people, their customs and their legends.

Darrington - Mining Town/Timber Town is the all essential book for Darrington history written by author Elizabeth Poehlman  The book starts with the beginning with the the place and its native people.  Later following the course of history as explores & prospectors & early mills.  History unfolds as you read as Darrington becomes a community and grows into a town.

For more information you may email  them or send a request to:  Darrington Historical Society, 
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