Holly Cannell

Let's meet artist Holly Cannell
Rivers of Time, acrylic painting by Holley Cannell

"Creating artwork has always been a part of my life. I love colors, shapes and textures. Feeling the world through my eyes and hands seems natural to me. Experimentation has been the constant during the hundreds of originals that I have made over the years. Deeply moved by nature, many of my paintings use images of the earth. Trees, waterfalls, clouds, mountains, leaves and stones have all figured prominently in my work.

With my pure abstracts I attempt to convey emotion. This is more than just the sunset, itself, this is also how I felt connected to it. Standing in the forest gives me soft, quiet and peaceful feelings. Staring at a mountain, I feel swept away by the glory of it. This I associate with my flying dreams. A great up swelling of joy always accompanies this experience. A day in the sunshine at the beach, watching the ocean lap the shore, feeling the water over my feet, relaxes me and gives me a feeling of contentment. All is well with the world and this day proves it. The soft fur of a dog under my hand, a warm mug of chocolate, the smile of a good friend - all these give me immense pleasure. When I paint, I try to extend this "transcendence inside the everyday" to viewers. This is what I am truly offering with my artwork."

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