What Kind Of Town is Darrington?

Out here things move at a slower pace.........
Looking at Whitehorse Mountain from town, photo by Martha Rasmussen

....Shopping and other errands take a little longer because everywhere you go you run into neighbors and friends.  We love to get together and visit.  We get together on the 4th of July, School Barbecue, community picnics and dances.  We gather together to say our farewells at the Darrington Community Center with funeral dinners and laugh and enjoy our community Talent Show

Darrington's first school, courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

Education for our children is very important!   When we built our first school in 1892, it was all built by community volunteers, made from local materials except the windows and this is the spirit Darrington still has today.  We believe our schools and Kid's Place Early Learning Center in an intrical part of our community.  When our children needed updated and safer play equipment much of our community came out to help install it even though it was pouring rain.  That Monday there were lots of smiles and grins as our children played on the new equipment.  When something needs to be done our community comes together and this is part of our heritage.

Mansford Grange Harvest Festival, by Martha Rasmussen

Our kids are engaged in their community!  They have helped with our city parks, building a pump track, go hiking with the Darrington Outdoor Club Summer Day Camps with NCFS  Our kids are learning to engage, empower and connect with our S.T.E.M. working in partnership with our schools. Our High School - Middle School Drama Club performances are something everyone looks forward to and we think we have some pretty talented young people.
We love our sports from our little athletes with DJAA to our great high school teams.

Darrington Volunteer Fire Department, by Martha Rasmussen

When the kids are returning home from a big game, we can all hear that bus come through town with the sirens blowing . Our volunteer fire department and ambulance association make sure everyone knows when the bus comes to town!  It looks like a long parade of fire trucks and proud parents waving as they drive to the school! In the Spring the volunteer fire department sponsors a great fishing derby for the kids and the Easter Egg Hunt and they are always there at the 4th Of July Fair to "hose" down the kids or lend a hand at Tug-Of-War.  A pretty special bunch of folks!

Tug-O-War at the Mansford Grange 4th of July Community Fair

The Old Fashion 4th Of July is alive and well at Darrington, Washington.  Everybody turns out one way or another for the Parade.  If you aren't in the parade, you are very likely watching it as the freshly waxed fire trucks roll by, pack mules and more.  The parade goes a couple blocks up to the Old School Park for the Mansford Grange 4th Of July Fair.  There is fun for the kids, good food to eat and a great excuse for us all to get together and have fun and see who will win at Tug-Of-War.  At night the Town of Darrington has a great fireworks display over at the school.

Old Time Camping, courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

Our community is shaped by our remote surroundings and the love of the mountains, woods and rivers have always run deep here.  We linger in the parking lots or by the post office to gaze at Whitehorse Mountain and share the first snows on Facebook.  I believe that Jean Bedal Fish, an early pioneer woman and member of the Sauk-Suiattle Tribe said it best. "A sense of security seemed to come from these mountains; it was like living in the hollow of the cupped hand of God".

Hiking the backcountry, photo courtesy of the Darrington Ranger Station

Life out here seems to rotate more around the seasons. Trillium in bloom is a hearkening of Spring, Summer is a time for the great outdoors. Autumn brings a pageant of colors and the bald eagles. Winter is time for all those holiday get togethers and searching for the perfect Christmas tree, and watching, and sometimes catching, the winter fish that move through our river systems.

Old time logging, photo courtesy of the Darrington Historical Society

The old-timers tell stories that have been shared from generation to generation, and our Darrington Historical Society is busy archiving all these great stories so they may never be lost.  Some are stories of hard times, some of good times but all about our special community and the surroundings that have shaped over many years.

So you haven't been to Darrington yet?  Maybe it seems a little to laid back? 

Don't worry you can get your espresso at the IGA!