Skaglund Hill Memorial Gardens and Campsites

Skaglund Hill Memorial Gardens & Campsites is a combination of antiquity & nature

The forested lands of Skaglund Hill, photo by Marla Skaglund

The gardens and campsites are located on Skaglund Hill where the Skaglund family settled in the upper Stillaguamish Valley in the 1920s.  It is an easy walking distance from the Whitehorse Rails to Trails and scenic North Fork Stillaguamish River.   

Marla's flowers at the Skaglund Memorial Gardens, photo by Marla Skaglund

The land and its gardens have been passed down from generation to generation and are now available for to the public for weddings
and parties.  There is also 8 campsites and one group bicycle camp.

The Fall colors of Japanese maples and alder grove at Skaglund Hill Memorial Gardens, 
photo by Marla Skaglund  

Skaglund Hill Memorial Garden's nature trails wind through native woods and planted colorful Japanese maples, rhododendron
and other flowers.    

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