Testimonials For Wicket's Mission, Inc

I live on Swede Heaven just west of Darrington.  We began to experience a rapidly growing population of unwanted cats encroaching on our place.  I attribute much of this to the growing economical problems affecting our area and funds not being available to spay and neuter family pets.  Seven cats decided to live with us, two of them were already showing signs of wildness and sexual maturity.  Two of these displaced cats were killed on the road and one just disappeared.  One of these was a mother of four kittens and after her death the kittens remained close to our home and were becoming warm and friendly.  Because they were not sterile, they began to wander and tomcats began to follow them back to our home.  The nights were filled cat fights and the kittens fled in fear, our front porch was being sprayed every morning by the tomcats. 

I was told about Wicket's Mission, Inc which is a humane remedy to the feral cat population explosion.  She explained how spaying and neutering even the most wild cats can cut down on cats moving into your area, unwanted kittens, decrease smelly males spraying around your home and helping to keep your cats closer to your home.  Thanks to Wicket's Missi0n I found an affordable way to spay and neuter our young visiting kittens which have truly become part of the family.  We haven't seen a tomcat since!