Wicket's Mission Inc., Feral Cat Control

Wicket's Mission, Inc., A Non-profit Organization

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for feral, abandoned and domestic cats of the surrounding Darrington area by controlling over population of feral and abandoned cats. Our goal is to trap, spay or neuter and release feral cats back to where they were found allowing them to fill a territory and live out their natural lives.

These kittens are getting a new chance for a happier & healthier life thanks to Wickete's Mission, Inc.

Why are feral and abandoned cats a growing concern in the Darrington area? There is a growing number of house cats being “released” into the surrounding back roads. Many people believe cats can regain their “natural instincts” to hunt and survive, most domestic cats released into to the wild will fall prey to numerous predators, die of starvation or have to fight another cat over territory rights. Not a pleasant fate for a once was pet. What few cats that will survive and adapt to the wild if not spayed or neutered will rapidly reproduce creating a growing need for more territories such as your backyard pushing your pet from its home.

Two cats once feral are now learning to be good neighbors on the Airpellan Farm.  We named them Winneford and Willie.  The fighting has stopped and are perfectly content to living in "their" barn.

An un-spayed female cat living an average life span of 10 years can have up to three litters a year averaging 4 kittens per litter. Based on this statistic, this female and her un-spayed and un-neutered offspring during her life can produce up to 50,000 cats in a life time.   Are you having problems with an unwanted Feral Cat? Spaying a female cat will end the endless tomcat visits and fighting.  Neutering a cat prevents spraying, wandering and fighting.  Cats decrease rodent populations, and when spayed or neutered can make a very good neighbor and companion.

Help Wicket's Mission to create a better world for all cats by curbing the over population

of unwanted feral cats in the Darrington Area!

Contact Wicket's Mission at:

leslielynboyd@gmail.com   or call 360-436-0286

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